Planned Features

We are happy to announce that we are currently planning following features.

  • “Check ups”, this is how we call them now. User answers test questions. The next question is based on what he has answered before. In the end, a detailed summary is displayed instead of score. The summary says what areas are good and what need improvement. For instance, an comprehensive written English test.
  • Users voting for content. Current idea of implementation is “like button”.
  • Users authoring content. There will be ability for you to author challenges and similar without communicating with us via email.
    • Draft/private state for content items.
  • Users embedding test-like content into any website with JavaScript for free.
  • Tags based email subsriptions. Say, a person is interested in IELTS tag. Then he or she will receive periodic digests with new content related to the tags.
  • Funny badges and user achievements.

Have something to say about these? Please go on, if agree we’ll validate our perception, and if you don’t we’ll have a valuable input.